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I want to do this too!

Questions meme for Victory/Cubia and Duke/Mikiya.

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What this is:

- Wait, there's a dude in Shiki's house. That's not me!
- Why is there a knife pointed at me .-.
- "Souren and Cornelius Alba, huh?"
- Involved in the same incident! ... What incident.
- "I have to save her" ... what happened to shiki!!!
- What about your parents!!
- Doesn't believe Tomoe killed his own parents :|
- "Shiki's important but you have to value your own life too"
- "You want to die while trying to save Shiki, right?"
- The dude's name is Enjou Tomoe.
- Then he takes him to his house and Tomoe breaks down from the truth!
- "I know about your misfortune but I couldn't say anything. But if you say you have nothing left, the most important thing for you right now is your own self and the daily life you once had."

What this means:

- Man, what kind of life is Shiki leading :<<<< Why is she in trouble
- What is Enjou Tomoe to Shiki? (Not that he ...minds)
- +100 for character-reading! Mikiya is pretty good at seeing through people.
- Clearly I am leading a dangerous life....
- Who is Souren and Cornelius Alba and what did they do to Shiki  :/
- Everyone's life is important. End of story.
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What this is
- Bringing food for Shiki!
- Who is totally lacking in common sense gawd
- And also sort of :| but he seems okay with that
- She won't eat my ice-cream!

What this means
- He clearly cares about Shiki a lot
- Now he feels slightly worried since he doesn't remember more and how the hell is she going to take care of herself when he's not around?
- Still, he knows that he feels happy when she's around and that's what counts.

[OOC] Stats

Apr. 9th, 2011 08:39 am
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Name Duke // Kokutou Mikiya
Age 20 years old
Team Iolite

Height/Build 173 cm
Hair Color/Eye Color Black hair and blue eyes.
Notable Traits None! Totally normal.

Other N/A
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